A downloadable Devoul for Windows

Devoul- Curse of the Soulless is a metroidvania style game set in a dark and corrupted world.  Follow the adventures of Gebriel, a vampire hunter, and Lani his ghost sidekick, while they explore the cursed castle Cambriala seeking the infamous vampire lord Raizer. What starts as a simple bounty will in the end be their toughest mission and while Cambrila and his inhabitants claim their lifes, the hunters will be confronted with their own dark pasts.

Devoul- Curse of the Soulless is a metroidvania style game with a focus on exploration, character customization and a strong narrative. The final release will include:

. A vast and diverse world map to explore set around castle Cambriala, a cursed and abandoned old fortress.

.An action RPG game with several customization, upgrades, equipments, character level up ,and much more.

.Many equipments like rings, armor or souls that can be upgraded in the blacksmith.

.Several item to help you on your journey.

.More than forty active and passive skills that will help you define your build, be it warrior, mage, demon hunter or a mix.

.A great variety of monster and a monsterpedia to help you keep track of them and their story.

.Unlock abilities like the double jump or slide to help you in combat and give you access to new areas.

.Find the diary logs that will reveal more about the cursed castle and other characters in the game.

. 16 Throphies for the hard-core players.

.A gothic and dark atmosphere inspired in vampire tales and other horror stories.

.Multiple endings that will change depending on your actions.

.End game content. The end is not really the end...

(Game still in development, changes may exist in the final product)

Install instructions

Extract the RAR file and run the .exe file.


DEVOUL- Curse of the Souless DEMO 1.2.2.rar 33 MB

Development log


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Nice game :)

Just when I pluged in my controller, the movement was broken

If you want quality sprites, tilesets, objects and enemies, you can check my asset! 


Thanks! I am doing this all alone, kind of a chalenge, so for now i wont need any assets, but in a next project its something to think about (they give me soooo much hard work). Btw, did you solve that controler problem or is it still happening, and what controler is it? This never hapend before XD

I restarted the game, and everything works fine lol

Thats good to know :)

Nice job!

Thanks mate :)